How to find the right plumbing item

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You may be wondering if you have the necessary skills, time, tools, fittings, or knowledge to tackle your next home plumbing project.

What is stopping you from tackling a major bathroom or kitchen renovation?

Your Mantras

Make sure you have all the tools,  parts, and knowledge before you start your project.   Everyone knows a weekend warrior who takes on projects and can never finish them for one of these three reasons.   The amount of wasted time and effort to take on a project that is over your head far exceeds what it would have cost to hire a professional in the first place.   Professionals are there because they have invested the time and money to equip their trucks with the essentials to every type of fix it job excluding a new water heater in which they will bust their backs to get it in your house and take out your old water heater which isn't a trivial task.  What's the cost of a leak that emerges while you are out of town?   Coming back to a flooded house can cost thousands of dollars in damages which could have been prevented by hiring a professional.    We love professionals because they don't try to cut corners and get the job done in a fraction of the time.   You can work your way up to that level, but don't become over confident until you've mastered the ability to solder on the spot in a tight space,  turn a  pipe wrench on a pipe that has wielded at the joints or sit under a sink for hours at a time without cramping up.   

Plan your Project

It is important to take plan your project and do a physical inventory of what you will need to finish your project in the shortest amount of time.   Plumbing can be very uncomfortable due to the location of where you are working and any delay to the completion is time that your back can do without.   Once you turn off the water the clock is ticking before someone needs the toilet in your house or starts bugging you for results.    We supply everything the professional needs to complete most plumbing tasks around a home or office.   We've been working with plumbers for years and know what to stock and make it available at the lowest prices around because we know our customers will be back.   Our website is equipped with the tools to find all of our products through a category system of navigation.   Just click on the fitting type you need and narrow your search to the subgroup of products and you can add it to your shopping cart,  continue shopping,  and then check out within a few minutes.   You can pick up the items in our warehouse or we can have them delivered to you in the Phoenix area by next day.   We will eventually add wider coverage, but for now we are happy with our core customers in and around Phoenix.   

 You can think about fixing or your can fix the problem and move on to the next.   We want you to be successful and our years of knowledge can help guide you on the right path for any size project you may be undertaking at the moment.    Give us a call or order online and we can get you on your way to becoming a Plumbing Hero.


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