About Us

Sonoran Plumbing Supply is a family owned and operated business to serve the greater metro area of Phoenix with a premier line of plumbing wholesale supplies.   


We offer world-class customer service and more than 40 years of experience.  We maintain a large inventory of plumbing supplies servicing professional plumbers and have a customer service counter second to none.   The second you step inside the warehouse you'll see the attention to detail to insure that you leave with the best possible experience possible.   Fill up your cooler with our ice cooler,  take a bag of popcorn or help yourself to a cold bottle of water while you wait.   We know your business and work to minimize your time stocking up your truck for your daily jobs.  We work hard to accelerate your time so you can leave knowing you have everything you need to complete each job on time and on budget.   

Launched in February 2016 with two employees and now with seven, Sonoran strives to provide each customer with exceptional customer service.   In terms of clientele, "We want the one-to-five truck service plumbers who understand what it is like to run their own businesses and how important it is to deliver the best customer service, "Shurtz explained.  "it's important for us to give them fair pricing, but treat them like family because that's what we value.

We're all about the family,  he added were treat our customers like people , not numbers, and helping each of them to grow their businesses because when they win, we both win.

Sales Manager Jonathan Perkins II said We want to create a different culture and environment for our customers and employees, where they are excited to be at Sonoran Plumbing Supply every day."

In addition to Shurtz and Perkins II, key members of the family business include Perkins II's father Jon Perkins Sr., who serves as the company's general manager, and Warehouse Manager Christopher Perkins.

As a wholesale provider, 67 percent of Sonoran's customers are service and mechanical plumbers, with 33 percent of the business servicing the pool supply industry.

Shurtz said he hopes Sonoran can "change the whole supply chain mentality" by developing one-on-one relationships with small business customers who truly benefit from key interactive customer service in order to understand various product lines to make smart purchases and effectively troubleshoot any problems that may arise with any of the products offered by Sonoran.

We are committed to becoming involved in our community by volunteering with local charitities and organizations.   We also plan on donating goods for charities such as Habitat for Humanity.

"Our personal relationships with each customer has and will help us to better understand the ever changing environment within the plumbing industry."